Other Methods of Payment

  • Through on-line banking with the major banks in Canada. Our payee name is Hendry Warren LLP. Your account number can be found in the upper left-hand corner of your invoice. This field requires 8 alphanumeric characters and does not allow for spaces or special characters such as "#" or ".". If the client number on your invoice includes such characters please omit them. If your client number is less than 8 digits please add zeros(0) at the beginning to reach 8 characters.

  • Pay by cheque either in person or by mail. Our address is 200-881 Lady Ellen Place Ottawa ON K1Z 5L3

Paying CRA

We can no longer take client tax payments to a CRA office in Ottawa and have them processed on that day.  Instead a payment dropped off at a CRA office in Ottawa is mailed by them to a processing centre in Shawinigan, QC.  This can add weeks to the payment being credited appropriately to your account.

For this reason, we suggest you set up a payment account with CRA using their MyAccount system.  You can set one up by visiting the Payments to Canada Revenue Agency page.

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