Running your own business can be exhausting as you manage sales, human resources, overhead and finance.  At times it can feel overwhelming.

We are experts at helping owner managers improve their financial reporting, stay current with CRA, operate more efficiently, and spend less time “in the numbers”.  Whether your goal is expansion into new markets, or refining what you do now, you can trust us to give you honest informed advice along the way.

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Health care professionals are some of the busiest clients we have.  Keeping up with current treatment protocols, patient demands, and office requirements can be taxing.

We can help with the financial arm of your practice and keep you current with the tax authorities as well.  While you care for the health of your patients, we care for the health of your practice.

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The retail environment today is very competitive with major changes being introduced in the way products are delivered to customers.  Selecting the right infrastructure, staffing and overhead management are key factors that can contribute to your success. 

In an industry with a high volume of transactions it is important to have your accounting system in top shape, so you don’t get behind.  We can implement systems with you to keep you up to date.

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Our automotive clientele ranges from smaller speciality shops to dealerships of major manufacturers of automobiles, motorcycles, recreational vehicles and accessories.

Financial reporting to management and financial institutions often requires tailored analysis and forecasting.

Tax compliance is varied for this sector as it navigates sales tax regulations that are complex, as well as income tax provisions that are unique to larger groups.

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The construction and real estate industry is one of the most competitive.  Larger projects can put a strain on cash flows and requires careful coordination with a variety of sub trades.

We work with a wide range of clients in this sector including designers, sub trades, general contractors and developers.

Financial reporting and tax regulations are especially complex in this sector.  For this reason, spending time with our experts up front could save considerable time and expense later.

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Non-Profit Organizations (NPOs) such as public or private foundations, membership-based associations and charitable organizations, have governance, reporting and, yes, tax compliance needs that you may not be aware of. 

We pride ourselves in our extensive knowledge of NPOs and the environment in which they operate.  Having accountants who care not only about their clients, but the Ottawa community, is a good place to start to keep your organization on track.

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This sector is changing rapidly requiring nimble management and timely information to make quick decisions.  There are a range of tax incentives available from the Federal and Provincial governments which can cushion cash flow, particularly in the research phase, for individuals, partnerships and corporations of all sizes.  We can help you maximize these incentives and introduce you to financial institutions that can provide financing supported by various tax credits.

We advise a wide range of technology companies from start-up, during expansion and succession for the founders.

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