This Time Five Years Ago

Today we are taking a walk down memory lane to August 2013.  This time five years ago, the renovations at 881 Lady Ellen Place were complete and our boxes were packed at 442 Gilmour.  In fact, on today’s date in 2013, the staff were having a kick-off celebration to christen the new space.

When we first moved in to 881 Lady Ellen, we had endless space for firm get-togethers and other tenants.  Now, as we enter into our sixth year in the building, we have really grown into our space and are now in the midst of additional renovations!

In 2013, we never imagined how quickly we would grow and we often like to reminisce by looking at old pictures. If you look closely you will see a keepsake from our old office, which can still be found in one of our meeting rooms.