Meet Robin Lawrence - Assurance Manager

We recently sat down with Robin Lawrence, a six and half year vet at Hendry Warren, and asked her if she would answer some special questions about our culture.

Us: Robin what would you describe to be your favourite thing about our culture?

Robin: Hendry Warren emphasizes the need to be involved in the community and give back. For example we participate in events like CIBC #RunForTheCure and #Movember to raise money as well as do inter-office initiatives like 'fancy jean Friday' to raise money for local charities.

Us: What would you say about the culture inspires you?

Robin: Being surrounded by many successful and ambitious women - not only are many of them both motivators internally but actively involved in events outside of work while simultaneously bettering themselves through professional development courses or fitness regimes.

Us: Has the culture influenced you outside of work?

Robin: Absolutely! We're always encouraged to use our skills to give back. I took the advice to heart and assisted on a board of directors for a local pet therapy program. Not only was it personally rewarding but also a great way to expand my knowledge and share my expertise.

Thank you Robin! We appreciate what you do every day and are inspired by you as well.