Fraud and the CRA - A Friendly Reminder

There are new scams and types of fraud being developed every day.  Particular scams we have witnessed in the past are email phishing scams, as well as fraudulent phone calls.  More recently, we have even seen fraudulent letters that appear to be from the CRA.  However, a closer look at these letters reveals incorrect CRA contact information such as postal codes and phone numbers.

Heading into tax season it is important to remain vigilant when receiving correspondence from the CRA.  The CRA will not request SIN numbers, credit card or bank account numbers, addresses, or passport information.  We have provided a link below to the CRA’s website with helpful topics such as; knowing how to recognize a scam, examples of fraudulent communications and how to protect yourself.

Still not sure?  Please feel free to contact us and we would be happy to have a look at the correspondence and provide our opinion.