6 Tips for Millennials to Succeed in Accounting


You’re passed your exams, you’ve got the drive. You’re ready to take the accounting world by storm!

But, there’s just one problem. How do you go about doing that? How can you make sure that you find a “work home” that fulfills all your ambitions and gets you excited to get to work?

Here are some of our favourite ways that millennials can stand out from the crowd and grow in their accounting careers!

1.     Look for a company that provides flexibility and work/life balance

We recently gave out a survey to all staff at Hendry Warren LLP and asked them what they loved most about working at the firm. One of the top responses? Great work/life balance!

It’s important for millennials to find a firm that understands the incredible value of proper rest and relaxation, and having a balance between work and play. Here at Hendry Warren LLP, we know that our staff is at their best when they’ve had space to unwind and recharge!

2.     Make sure you have a clear understanding of the firm’s vision

It’s so critical to make sure that you have a good grasp on what is expected of you, and where the firm wants to go. You can’t make an impact if you don’t fully understand the goals of the firm and where you fit into the big picture. Jump at opportunities to push the company forward and chip in with coworkers when necessary. Management values employees that rise to the occasion and roll up their sleeves at every chance!

3.     Be patient with your progress

Career growth doesn’t happen overnight. Any successful CPA will tell you as much! Focus on serving clients, developing interpersonal relationships with your coworkers, and honing your skills. Don’t compare your growth to anybody else’s, your journey will differ from others, and that’s alright! The key to success is work hard and, as the comedian Steve Martin once said, “Be so good they can’t ignore you.”

4.     Share your knowledge of new technology

Even though you’re just entering the workforce, you’re already armed with some valuable knowledge and experience with technology. Use it to your advantage! Excited about a new tool or technology that will make the firm more efficient? Share it with management and take the lead on new technology projects!

5.     Nurture the company culture

Now, more than ever before, consumers want to know what firms stand for and how they treat their employees. Ethics matter, big time. Look for ways to make the firm a fun and rewarding place to work, and share your big ideas with management. Sometimes, companies need a fresh perspective on their culture, so show some confidence and take ownership of where you work!

6.     Find a place that you can grow with

Forget about the foosball table and beer Fridays, sure those things add to our daily work life, but what’s most important is finding a workplace that you can grow with. One of the best things about Hendry Warren LLP is the team, and you can’t have a stellar team when the turnover rate is high. It’s important not to get blinded by the glitz and find a place where you can flourish, and having fun doing it!

Think Hendry Warren LLP might be the right place for you? Check out our careers page for career openings now!