The View From Here - A HW CPA Student

I started with Hendry Warren Chartered Professional Accountants in January 2015 and was part of the first cohort to go through the new CPA exam process – the “guinea pigs” as I sometimes felt! During this process, HW was very supportive and made sure that I was  given the study leave and technical support that I needed. During my study leave, I regularly sent emails to managers with technical questions and asked senior staff to mark practice cases for me. The exam process is very overwhelming, even at the best of times, but a few of the managers at HW made a point of helping me research the new process and preparing me mentally for the exams, which made me feel much more comfortable. I think this is really important for students going through the CPA process and I am looking forward to providing guidance and resources to the new students based on my experience.

My experience as a full-time staff member has also been very rewarding.  Over the past 18 months, I have been given the opportunity to take on more senior tasks and also be a resource person for the new co-op students, which has really helped me grow in my own work. I have also been given more challenging projects and placed on assurance files. I really enjoy getting to know our clients better and getting a chance to help make a difference in their personal and corporate financial stability.  

-Jodie Sanderson, CPA Student