The View From Here - Life as a HW Co-op Student

During my co-op terms at Hendry Warren, I had the opportunity to prepare financial statements and corporate tax returns for a number of small-to-medium sized businesses as well as having the chance to prepare personal tax returns.  What was great about working at a firm that deals with a lot of owner-managed businesses, is that you’re able to work on both their corporate and personal tax needs and get to see how they integrate.  I got to work closely with business owners in a variety of industries which was a great experience.

The work I did let me see real examples of what I had learned during university and also helped me develop better problem-solving skills as not all issues I faced were as straight forward as a text book problem.

It’s not all work all the time, though.  Social events such as a golf day and playing laser tag gave me a great opportunity to get to know the staff I would be working with.  Hendry Warren provides meaningful work and a great atmosphere to work in, which made my co-op work terms a great experience. 

-Nicholas Raycroft, CPA Student