The long road to becoming a C.A.

In June, three of our students will head to Toronto for an intensive four week program known as "summer school". This is the second milestone of three for these bright graduates on the road to becoming a C.A. After successful completion of summer school, they will have two months to prepare for the Uniform Final Examinations (UFE's) which take place in September, in Ottawa. The UFE is a three day exam process, before which most candidates take six to eight weeks of study leave. After successful completion of the UFE, each candidate must complete a designated number of hours of work at a qualified employer, such as Hendry Warren, before they officially become a Chartered Accountant.

We pride ourselves on providing our students with the practical experience they need before they write the UFE, as well as support in honing their technical skills through one on one coaching, lunch and learns and peer mentoring. We wish our three candidates the best of luck as they move through the process. If you call the office looking for Nick or Kang or Scott this summer, only to be told they are away for two months, you'll know why!