Tax Planning Using Private Corporations: A Fair Proposal?

Ian Hendry  258.jpg

One of Hendry Warren’s founding partners, Ian Hendry, wrote a letter to Finance Minister Bill Morneau addressing his concerns with the Department of Finance's discussion paper issued on July 18, 2017. He discusses in his letter the fairness of the proposal as it relates to Canadian entrepreneurs. We invite you to read this letter here.

The Government has invited Canadian taxpayers to submit comments by October 2, 2017 on these proposed changes. We encourage small business owners to be proactive and have their voices heard. Contact your local Member of Parliament and respond to the Department of Finance‘s proposal with your views and concerns. You can visit the “Resources” section of our website for detailed information on how to respond. If you plan to reach out to your Member of Parliament, you can find their name and contact information on the House of Commons website.