Mandatory Electronic Filing for Tax Preparers

Effective January 1, 2013, tax preparers who file more than 10 returns are required to file them electronically. Mandatory electronic filing applies to the filing of both T1 General Income Tax and Benefit returns and T2 Corporation Income Tax Returns for the 2012 and later tax years.  Penalties for non-compliance are $25 for each T1 General return that is paper-filed and $100 for each T2 corporation return that is paper-filed.  As a result, please note that Hendry Warren LLP can no longer paper file personal and corporate tax returns for 2012 taxation years and later, subject to the exclusions outlined below.

The following returns do not need to be filed electronically:

  • Returns for tax years before 2012
  • T1 General Income Tax and Benefit Returns filed after November 30th in any year
  • Excluded T1 General Income Tax Returns and T2 Corporation Income Tax Returns

For more information regarding the new requirements related to electronic filing, please do not hesitate to contact us.